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Places and events
The geographical location make it a great starting point for numerous excursions to satisfy any taste: archaeological sites, sand or pebble beaches, thermal baths with health-giving sulphur waters and much more.

To visit
The Medieval Town of Capalbio Km 3
Capalbio, the most southerly town in Tuscany, is surrounded by imposing 15th Century walls, and is entered through a Sienese-style gateway. It is not difficult to find restaurants offering wild boar and game.

A beach more than 13 kilometres long
The beach of Capalbio is just 10 km from the hotel. It has a distinctive blackish colour, and is known as an elite tourist destination.
Less than 20 kilometres away are the natural beaches of the Costa d'Argento. The nearby Argentario promontory offers views of the splendid cliffs.

Ferries to the Islands (Giglio, Giannutri) Km 25
The Island of Giglio, the second largest of Tuscan Archipelago, boasts high and rugged coastlines, with many coves. Recently a 3rd Century Roman cargo ship was discovered, with thousands of urns of wine and lighting oil.
Giannutri, with its craggy coast, is the most southerly of the islands of the Archipelago. It is possible to visit an important archaeological site, which was probably a villa belonging to the Domizio Enobarbi family, decorated with marbles and precious mosaics.

Monte Argentario (Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole) Km 20
Monte Argentario is an ancient island firmly attached to the mainland by two strips of land (The Tombolo of the Giannella to the North and the Tombolo of the Feniglia to the Southeast), which together enclose the Lagoon of  Orbetello. The two main towns, Porto Ercole (IN THE PHOTO) and Porto Santo Stefano, offer attractive nightlife. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants and try the excellent fresh fish.

Thermal Baths of Saturnia Km 35
Known for its sulphur waters at a constant 37°C and for its thermal baths, Saturnia is custodian of internationally famous Etruscan and Roman finds.

Parco dell'Uccellina Km 35
The nature park runs 15 km along the coast, along the lowlands from the River Ombrone to the North and the Gulf of Talamone to the South. Here it is possible to explore the Mediterranean Maquis, following the paths indicated by the park guides, who are always on hand. Horse-riding and canoeing are also available.

The Vulci Museum and Etruscan Necropolis Km 25

The Archaeological and Nature Park of Vulci is situated in the Province of Viterbo, in the municipalities of Montalto di Castro and Canino, close to the traditional cultural tourist destinations of Tarquinia, Tuscania, Sovana and Saturnia, and the seaside destinations of Capalbio, Monte Argentario, Ansedonia. The uniqueness of the Park comes from the fascinating integration of the uncontaminated Maremman landscape and the notable archaeological remains. This intimate relationship struck the first visitors of the 19th Century who immortalised it in many works of art: all those natural features are still preserved in their original state.

The Tarquinia Museum and Etruscan Necropolis Km 25
Tarquinia, in the Maremma of Lazio, is one of the most interesting historic, artistic and tourist centres of the zone. Visit the many tombs of the Etruscan necropolis, the National Museum of Tarquinia, Palazzo Vitelleschi ( IN THE PHOTO ), and the Palazzo dei Priori.       

The Tufo Towns: Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana Km 40
Pitigliano rises on a tufo outcrop. This particularly picturesque town has maintained a remarkable mediaeval centre and significant monuments, and produces fine wines and olive oil. Sorano has also preserved its typically mediaeval appearance; and the visitor will not miss the imposing Rocca degli Orsini. And Sovana, lying on a plain between two gorges furrowed by the tributaries of the River Fiora, possesses important Palaces and Etruscan remains (The Tomb of Hildebrand)

Lake Bolsena, Marta, Civita di Bagnoregio and Montefiascone Km 35
Lake Bolsena in Upper Lazio, in the principal crater of the volcanic complex of Vulsinio, has an elliptical form, with a surface area of 114.5 square kilometres, with a maximum depth of 151 metres and a perimeter of 43 km; it contains two islands, Bisentina and Martana, probably remains of volcanic craters.

Giardino dei Tarocchi of Niki De Sant Phalle Km 4
The garden is home to representations of the 22 tarot cards (Major Arcana deck) in gigantic sculptures, some 12/15 metres high, covered in mosaics of mirror, precious glass and ceramics. During the visit we meet: “The Wizard” with his hand covered with tiny pieces of mirror, under “The Priestess” whose mouth is a homage by the sculptress to the Bomarzo garden and from which a little cascade of water streams over steps covered by ceramic flakes, leading to a fountain in which the wheel of fortune turns with its jets of water.

Capalbio "Sagra del Cinghiale" (Wild boar Festival) Second weekend of September
Torba (Capalbio) "Sagra del Pesce" (Fish Festival) End of July – Beginning of August
Capalbio "Capalbio Cinema" July - August
Capalbio "Manifestazioni dei Butteri a cavallo" (Cowboy Show) July and August
Capalbio "Palio delle Contrade storiche" (Historic town games) Second weekend of September
Capalbio “Festival del cortometraggio” (Short Film Festival) - October
Porto Santo Stefano "Palio Marinaro" (Historic boat race) August 15th